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The Mother Tree

Mothertree Parenting offers workshops, groups, individual coaching and online resources for parents, carers, children and teens. At its heart is the intention of cultivating conscious and compassionate parenting practices, to support children, families, schools and communities by sharing body, mind and creative practices from the fields of yoga, meditation, breath and visualization.

The Mothertree represents a powerful symbol of nurturance and care. Through her strong and wide-reaching branches, she provides shelter, food and protection for countless creatures. While she is a symbol of strength and life, she depends on being firmly rooted into the earth and free to reach into the sky.

As parents and carers we are not too dissimilar to trees. We hold space for our children who shelter within our field, and provide just the right conditions for their growth and development - nutritious rich soil, regular watering, sunshine, and protection against the fiercest weather. Within this space, our children are free to explore, play, fall over and pick themselves up again. While we dance with our children over the course of their development, we depend also on being firmly rooted, nourished and supported.

Too frequently, we lose sight of the fact that we are in fact one tree in a forest of trees and that by coming together in community we hold each other up. Mothertree Parenting provides space for parents and carers to come together, take a breath, reconnect and recharge. This work is deeply empowering, enabling participants to embrace new perspectives on what may have been entrenched situations, and prompting them to initiate new approaches.

Our approach deliberately steers away from fixing problems and offering advice. While there is great value in prescriptive and therapeutic parenting programs, the focus of Mothertree gatherings is on supporting an individual to explore their experiences from the perspective of their inner awareness. We believe there is great value in this process, and the experience of being amongst other parents is deeply nourishing. Our groups offer a wonderful compliment for families receiving support from services, such as health, mental health professionals and educators, and do not in any way replace these services.

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Dr Jess Lakin (DClinPsy) Founder of Mothertree Parenting

“I deeply believe in the value of mind and body awareness practices of yoga, meditation and breathwork. Such practices give rise to qualities of compassion, kindness, understanding and wisdom. In my view, introducing these practices during childhood, within families, and schools supports life-long physical, mental and emotional well-being, and contributes towards healthy relationships with self and others.

In my experience, these practices are incredibly supportive within family life and especially for parents. The gentle inner enquiry that is promoted is so helpful for breathing fresh air into family dynamics, to bring fluidity to the call and response dance that takes place between children and parents, and flexibility to stuck situations.

Mothertree Parenting was inspired and created directly out of my personal experience of applying yoga, meditation, and healing practices to my parenting. I discovered these practices at a time in my life when there was uncertainty and change.

I was amazed by the seemingly light-touch and non-directive nature of the practices of working through the body, becoming more present to the nature of my mind, and giving space without pressure to solve daily challenges. Compared to my previous experience as a Clinical Psychologist, this presented a significant paradigm shift, a new pathway to well-being, understanding and healing.

I am now 5 years onto this path and I have had the great blessing to deepen my journey into the healing arts. I believe my strength is in being able to translate how these practices can be applied into our modern lives in a way which is accessible and pragmatic for children and families.”

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Jess Lakin is a gifted and dynamic life coach, teacher and healer known for her intuitive and compassionate approach. Holding a UK Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, she developed a firm foundation in the study of human development and psychology. She worked within UK child and family services as a Clinical Psychologist for 15 years, and was particularly passionate about early intervention support and parenting services. She had experience offering parenting programs within groups and individually to families, across health, mental health, perinatal, Under 5’s and social services.

Moving to California in 2014 initiated a powerful journey of personal transformation and a diversion away from her career as a Clinical Psychologist. It was serendipity that lead her to yoga and meditation. From the beginning she felt a natural affinity to the teachings. She observed within herself how these seemingly light-touch and non-directive practices of body, mind, breath and mantra, brought inner clarity and consequently transformed how she viewed herself, her place in the world and her approach to everyday challenges.

Deeply inspired by the wisdom embodied within these ancient teachings, Jess has embarked on an intensive program of personal training. She qualified as a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher in 2016 and her on-going studies and practices extend into Shamanic and energetic healing traditions (Reiki and Sound) and teachings on the Divine Feminine. Jess feels these ancient practices and teachings are profoundly relevant for living in today’s world and serve to compliment traditional therapies.

UK Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy). Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance, IKYTA). Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Instructor. Integrative Shakti Reiki Practitioner. Sound Practitioner (Phase 1 & 2) Gong Avatar Academy. Energy Medicine Professional Association

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Jess is a truly gifted and insightful teacher and yogini. She has a wonderful way of understanding where you are at and helping you to get to a more grounded place. I would highly recommend any classes or coaching she offers.
— Ingrid Steinberg
Jess’ parenting program has been an exceptionally meaningful experience for me. She is a gentle wise guide who understands the complex emotions and challenges of parenting. I am so grateful for her nonjudgmental yet straight forward approach. I strongly recommend both Jess’ parenting class and her sound immersions to anyone seeking a healthy space for reflection, growth and support.
— Robin Kopple
Jess’ calming and nurturing energy set me on a path toward enthusiastically and successfully pursuing a part time job. I hadn’t worked outside of the home for almost 9 years. What stuck with me most from the group sessions, and has propelled me forward, is the attitude I came to with Jess of taking joy in the discovery of new ventures.
— Laura