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Child & Teen Packages

Individually tailored packages for children and teens combining yoga movement, breath, imagination, meditation and creativity to build greater awareness of physical, mental and emotions experiences. Helpful for supporting emotion regulation, building confidence, self awareness, and promoting relaxation.

Over the course of 4-5 sessions, a variety of practices are shared and each child builds his/her own resource folder. Working across a series of sessions in this way, gives necessary time to build familiarity with the practices. Sessions are arranged in close conjunction with parents, and can often incorporate shared child/parent participation.

Coaching for parents

Individual coaching for parents provides an opportunity to explore all the different facets of our lives, from our roles within families and communities, to our personal and career aspirations and spiritual connection. My approach cultivates awareness and self-compassion through developing an approach of inner listening. The gentle inner enquiry that is promoted enables new perspectives to be reached, breathing fresh air into stuck situations. Please contact me to arrange a free discovery consultation.

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These drop-in community workshops created around a theme, offer an opportunity to connect with other parents and get a taste of the program. Participants will leave with supportive practices to try at home.


Mothertree group series offer a focussed opportunity to explore pertinent parenting issues. These are closed groups of limited size and held over a series of sessions. The nature of the group series enables participants to experience a variety of movement, breath, visualization and meditation practices, and participants leave with a toolbox of practices. Working across a series of sessions gives time and support for participants to apply these practices into their daily lives. The opportunity to reflect and share within the group creates a powerful vehicle for support, healing and transformation.

Each gathering offers a mind-body practice, such as a movement meditation, breath or visualization practice which participants can take home. After becoming familiar, participants may share these practices with their children and partners.